RANIFLY BIKINI and OCEANSCAPES Photography Launch Eco-Waterwear Line Partially Made From Recycled Marine Debris

Hawaii-based artists feature artivism designs from underwater photography in their 2019 Collection

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June 10, 2019 (Honolulu, Hawaii) – RANIFLY’S OCEANSCAPES eco-waterwear line is dedicated to women looking and feeling their best while fully enjoying the sea, also inspiring care and concern for the challenges that our ocean is facing. Featuring custom-made bikini, waterpant, and rashguard designs, the line is made from recycled fabric partially constructed from recovered ghost fishing nets and plastic waste.

The exclusive designs are inspired by the underwater fine art photography of Maui-based ocean artivist Kristin Leigh Hettermann. Oahu-based bikini designer Rani Keohane hand-picked photos from oceans around the world, including Hawaii, to create the aqua-sensuous fabric patterns. Ranifly’s custom waterwear patterns are designed from twenty years of experience fitting women of all ages and sizes with comfortable, functional bikinis that look good, stay on, and last. All fabric is printed locally in Honolulu, Hawaii and pieces are handmade with love and aloha in the Hawaiian Islands.

Rani was intrigued to work with Kristin’s OCEANSCAPES mission and photos to create a new collection fashioned from the high performance, sustainable Vita eco-fabric, made from 100% recycled and regenerated ECONYL® nylon yarn. “From Kristin’s evocative light and water play, to coral close-ups, each new exploration brings forth a part of the sea that many people do not get the chance to experience … however they impact it greatly,” the designer states. “My hope is that our recyled waterwear collection will bring heightened awareness to ocean conservation efforts and an appreciation of our ocean’s great beauty and power.”


Making a statement supporting the reduction of plastic waste and cleaning up our coastlines, a deep love and concern for the ocean created the energy that fueled the development of this line. Both designers have traveled the world’s oceans extensively and have been affected by the amount of plastic marine debris they have witnessed. 8 million tons of trash end up in our oceans every single year…and data points to 640 thousand tons of discarded nylon plastic fishing nets abandoned in our ocean yearly. Such alarming figures tell us that, unless the situation changes, in thirty years our seas may contain more garbage than fish. A report from the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, in partnership with the World Economic Forum, projects the oceans will contain at least 937 million tons of plastic and 895 million tons of fish by 2050.

Fabric design

Fabric design

Original photo by Kristin Hettermann

Original photo by Kristin Hettermann

The Vita eco-fabric offers soft, durable comfort and full protection from UV rays (UPF 50+). “Full waterwear offering more complete sun coverage (that can match your bikini!) was important to us when we developed our line, also including unisex rashguards so there is something for everyone,” Kristin stated. “I was diagnosed with my first major skin cancer at the young age of 32. Protecting my skin became a priority. You can't miss the recent headlines of sunscreen chemicals damaging our reefs and toxifying our bloodstreams. The best solution is to cover up, not slather up.”

A portion of proceeds from sales of the line benefit Sustainable Coastlines Hawaii, hard at work on the coastlines of one of the planet’s great treasures to remove plastic waste and educate the next generation. Sustainable Coastlines Hawaii’s Ocean Plastics Program has recycled over 200,000 pounds of ocean plastic since 2011. 

About Kristin Leigh Hettermann


Kristin Hettermann is recognized for her underwater and adventure travel photography and creating awareness for important environmental and social causes. As a photographer documenting the beauty of one of the planet's great mysteries, Kristin captures moments in and around the sea hoping to communicate the sensual, ethereal, and sacred space of the deep blue. Kristin contributes opinion pieces to Scientific American, Newsweek, and the Virgin platforms and serves as an ambassador to Oceanic Global and Beneath the Waves. Learn more about Kristin. Visit OCEANSCAPES the brand. Follow Kristin on Instagram @Gracedelivers and OCEANSCAPES @oceanscapesphotography

About Rani Keohane

An island girl in heart and soul, bikinis have always been Rani Keohane’s second skin. Coming from a line of creative seamstresses, becoming a bikini designer seemed inevitable. Sailing for a living for many years, she needed durable, flattering, and comfortable suits for all-day use and recognized a void in the market. Rani’s flexible, functional, and comfortable designs quickly started turning heads as stylish and sexy all day activewear, gracing the pages of Sports Illustrated and Cosmo. She designs, engineers, and hand-makes bikinis with long-lasting quality, comfort and sustainability in mind, inspiring confidence and accentuating only your favorite curves. Ranifly Bikini started in 2009 from the Virgin Islands and expanded internationally, now based in Honolulu, Hawaii.

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Explore our mission here. Access Summer 2019 lookbook here. Explore the photographer’s statements about fabric designs here. Access Dropbox link of high res lifestyle and fabric photos and brand video here

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