Kristin Hettermann is recognized for her underwater and adventure travel photography and creating awareness for important environmental and social causes. Based between Maui and Manhattan, her work and travels have taken her on adventures around the world with a keen eye toward ocean conservation and distant cultures. Kristin's innate passion for photography started in her teens when the camera was a tool to help her truly “see” the world and revel in all its beautiful details. Her love of international travel followed soon after - with each available opportunity she was off to explore a new area of the globe, camera over her shoulder. Kristin started showing, selling, and publishing her travel and lifestyle photography in her mid-twenties while living in Charleston, South Carolina. Moving to the tropics and calling Maui home for her 30's opened up a new landscape to explore, and the creatures and energy of the big blue inspired her photography practice. Once she received her call to the sea, it was a mermaid's life to be. Into her fourth decade of life, nature and photography remain partnered in a role that encourages her to be more present – in body, mind and spirit – in the natural environment.

Artivism Story

A self-taught photographer, Kristin's OCEANSCAPES is the culmination of her areas of talent, passion, experience, and expertise. Attending one of the top magnet high schools in the United States for science and technology, it was during these formative years that she discovered her interest in oceanography and natural sciences. A Bachelor of Arts degree in French and Foreign Affairs from the University of Virginia inspired her to travel and see the world, forging deeper connections to people, arts, and the depth of global culture. As her career progressed, she spent over fifteen years in the fields of public relations, brand development, communications, and non-profit consulting, drawn to helping people build and launch important initiatives and committed to social and environmental good. Inherently creative, being an artist and photographer has always supported her soul’s most inspired work. With a thrill for adventure and exploring the natural world, Kristin often travels with her fiancé Sven Lindblad, Founder and CEO of Lindblad Expeditions, expanding their knowledge and creative inspiration through access to some of the most remote and wild areas of nature. She utilizes her photography, writing, influence platforms, and voice to make important alliances and inspire people to be more connected to the ocean. Read more of her features here. Kristin contributes to publications including Scientific American, Newsweek and Virgin and is an ambassador to Oceanic Global and Beneath the Waves. She partnered in creating the piece “The Eye of Protection” that was featured at Art Basel Miami in 2017.

I strive to be in and by the ocean as much as I can. My OCEANSCAPES artivism conceptual ideology developed over the course of three years of extensive international travel and ocean exploration, as I continued to share my photography as art including inherent cause messaging and experiential insight. I realized that there was a niche for combining art with storytelling, philanthropy, and science to share important messages and inspire people to make the connection between beauty, empathy, and action.