"The goal of my art is to bring the energy of the ocean into spaces, so that people can feel an emotional connection to the ocean and through that emotional connection they can feel empathy and a sense of caring. And so whether that be in a gallery, personal space, or commercial space, to have a piece that can also inspire discussion, inspires a feeling, actually comes with a call to action . . . that’s the heart behind OCEANSCAPES."


Eye to Eye



Over - Under


In the Wild


"The intent is not just purely for beauty but to trigger something in our brains that makes us think differently and perhaps act differently. The only way that there will ultimately be change is if there’s a greater love and appreciation that develops over time for the ocean. The more people that go into the ocean, the more people that value the ocean, the more people that understand the ocean, the greater is the likelihood that we will change our behavior which is essential." Sven Lindblad, Ocean Elder