OCEANSCAPES Announces Resort Pareo Line Exclusive Polynesia Collection Developed for Paul Gauguin Cruises

Dreamy OCEANSCAPES images of French Polynesia are now featured in an exclusive resort pareo line developed for Paul Gauguin Cruises. The pareos will be featured in the ship’s onboard boutique, with images were selected by head buyer Kelly de Rham. Paul Gauguin Cruises operates the luxury cruise ship, the m/s Paul Gauguin, to Tahiti, French Polynesia and the South Pacific.  

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"My goal is to source authentic work from various artists that showcase French Polynesia's natural beauty,” says Kelly. “Our customers should be able to find a keepsake of their cruise in Polynesia to bring home and cherish for years to come. Kristin's pareos are just that: a window into Polynesia's unparalleled tropical paradise." 

French Polynesia is OCEANSCAPES Founder Kristin Hettermann’s favorite place on the planet, thus is even more symbolic that her resort pareo line would launch with a Polynesia collection. 

“There’s something about the satin finish of the waters … the turquoise horizons seemingly stretching to infinity … islands stretching like endless pearl necklaces … the ocean full of sharks and sea life … the fashion flair with flowers, shells, sensual class. A certain je ne sais quoi of French Polynesia always leaves me highly inspired and my heart happy.” 


Kristin Hettermann is an ocean conservationist and underwater photographer that uses the camera and storytelling as tools to tap into emotions and elicit deeper feelings about her favorite part of planet earth, the ocean. Her artivism platform, OCEANSCAPES, is modeled to combine science and activism with art and design, and her favorite moments are in the field with scientists and naturalists exploring natural environments and capturing images that accompany their stories. Her mission is to inspire you to feel the ocean. 

“OCEANSCAPES is an artivism platform curating the magic of the ocean into the palette of life. As a photographer documenting the beauty of one of the planet's great mysteries, I capture moments in and around the sea hoping to communicate the sensual, ethereal, and sacred space of the deep blue.” 

More info online at: https://www.pgcruises.com

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Kristin Hettermann